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We are a complete merchandise and branding provider marked by quality & professional service.


Combining advanced branding technologies, rich industry experience and unmatched expertise our core proficiency lies in offering cost effective premium quality results. We deliver unparalleled detail where visibility is critical to your business.


From design, implementation, production and delivery to your doorstep, we offer a wide range of products to meet your branding requirements. If you are looking for signs, advertising specialty products or just about anything else that can be branded, allow our Promotional Company team to assist you. 

Screen Printing 2.jpg



Cost-effective solution for larger quantities

Provides excellent coverage and is especially good for large and bold logos

Ideal for bags and t-shirts but can also be used for umbrellas, coolers and smaller items like notebooks and folders

Allows single and multi-colour branding.



 Creates a high value look

Suitable for both flat and irregular surfaces

Allows single and multi-colour branding

Logos can be embroidered in up to 9 different thread colours



Pad printing can imprint any colour text, on any part of the keycap, on any colour plastic.

Because the legends are printed, pad-printed legends support intricate typography. 

Sublimation Printiny.jpg


Ensures premium full colour photo realistic prints

Flexibility characteristics of the product are not affected since the ink simply migrates to the product

Only suitable for white products made from polyester fabric (minimum 60%) and polymer coated products

digital printing.jpg


Provides a way to print permanent, full-colour logos

High impact branding method that creates a lasting impression

Can be applied on many shapes and sizes

Accurate reproduction of colours 

Laser-Engraving (1).jpg


Engraving achieves a tasteful, stylish effect with great detail and longevity

It is a high-precision process that can achieve excellent detail

It does not add any colour as the laser etches off the surface coating or slightly burnishes certain materials such as wood



Debossing and embossing achieves a tasteful, stylish effect with great detail and longevity

It can achieve good detail

It does not add any colour to the logo



Foil blocking produces effects which are practically
impossible to achieve using traditional ink printing


Foils are available in a variety of finishes, including gloss, matt and satin

Gold and silver are regular favourites but you can choose from many other metallic colours to give your promotional merchandise a distinctive edge



Stickers are digitally printed in full-colour and then cut to a variety of shapes.

A combination of a printout of the logo and a 2 component epoxy resin that is applied which gives a transparent bubble 

The resin is not only crystal-clear but also protects the image and gives an extra dimension to it.The image can be multi-colour. The resin highlights the logo.

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