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Laser Etching!

Laser Etching is the new innovative branding method!

With the use of a laser, your logo is burnt onto the product surface. This method is based of the removal of the top layer which exposes the layer beneath it. Providing a more accurate and cleaner design whilst still being able to provide the minimal details within your logo.

This branding method is a permanent branding solution whilst still being classy, able to be used on organic products such as glass, wood and leather.Furthermore, even more excitingly FABRICS too!

The video below demonstrates how this method is conducted and the clean result it can produce. Why not get in contact with us to see how we are able to use this method to further your corporate branding image.

Email la@lapromotions.co.za with any possible enquiries you might have about this method and the products available for this method of branding


Visit our website www.lapromotions.co.za for further information on the products we provide and more about our company.

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