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Powers of Promotional Head wear

Head wear is a promotional item that is a very versatile product that is often very gender neutral and affordable. Promotional caps and hats are also easy to customize, which means that businesses are able to express their very own originality and brand names depending on the purpose for the business. The corporate logo can complement a variety of designs and colors that best represent the business.

Promotional caps and hats are cost-effective means of marketing and have therefore remained one of the most popular choices for businesses looking for effective advertising and sales tools. It is an effective advertising tool because the logo is so easily viewed by both the user and the public.

The promotional cap is a long-lasting and quality item that proves most durable. Most businesses make use of these product ranges when hosting an event or specific occasion and need a desirable promotional product for their customers. They are also commonly distributed during trade shows as your business will gain attention with each and every wearer.

It does not matter which industry or type of business you are in; the promotional cap serves as one of the best means of advertising and promotion. It offers more choice in terms of its versatility of use, variable designs, colour selection and cost effectiveness. They are also a good choice across most demographics and genders catering to the needs and interests of all people.

Promotional caps are certainly an inexpensive and durable option for most companies looking to advertise and promote their product or service. They are indeed walking billboards, as the public will see your company logo donned on the front or back while being worn in public. Moreover, promotional caps apply to all seasons with use through the summer and winter months

Promotional marketing is one of the most important tasks for the business looking to gain a competitive edge. Consider the needs of your demographic and design promotional caps to meet the interests and needs of your client base. From efficiency and versatility to affordable options for advertising, these products offer the best opportunity to reach the broadest audiences.

Sublimation is when an image isn’t printed, but fused into a polyester material. There is an unlimited number of colours to use, and your design can be printed wherever you’d like on the headwear, from the whole cap, to just certain panels or even certain sides of the peak.

PU Print, is when your design is printed onto PU vinyl, then using heat it is pressed onto the headwear. If your artwork is highly detailed and has small text, with a lot of colours, this is your best option. It is also very cost-effective & durable.

Dome markers are another option that provide a three-dimensional appearance to your design. They have a thick, dome-shaped, clear coating that is durable, permanent and doesn't show wear. A dome marker, is a printed, pressure sensitive label made from polyurethane.

Chrome and gold stickers are added onto caps after the manufacturing process. They are used to be eye catching, and are able to provide information about a specific cap when in-store. It has also become trendy to keep these stickers on after purchase doubling up as a great accessory for brand exposure and awareness.

Flocking is used to create a velvet like texture, by sticking thousands of little fibres to your design. Like PU print, flocking designs can be made larger than embroidery and can be placed almost anywhere.

Appliques incorporate various stitching techniques, to provide your branding with a badge like appearance. This results in the finished product having more texture and character than other types of branding. The versatility of this method means you can use a variety of other methods to create your perfect design.

3D Embroidery, is a variation of a stitching technique. However, in this case, a piece of foam is based under the top stitch, to raise the embroidered design, providing a three-dimensional look to the design. The result is a premium finish, with a smoother and precise finish, while adding an extra “pop” to your design.

Visit our Head wear catalogue page to see the full stock that we are able to provide you and your company! With endless branding opportunities there are options for all budgets!

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